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Oct 26, 2006
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App Name: Tap Tap Revenge
Catagory: Games
Price: FREE!!

Tap Tap Revenge is a game similar to guitar hero where the notes come down at you and you have to hit them when they cross the bottom white bar. But with this there is no strumming involved its just tapping either the left middle or right bar in time with orbs that are coming down them, or some times there are left, right, or up and down arrows where you have to shake the phone in the direction the arrow is pointing. There is also a two person mode which is pretty fun as well. Right now there are only four tracks and not all of them are playable in every level which there are four of Easy, Medium, Hard, and Extreme. There is an option to download more tracks but there are currently none available.

If you like guitar hero style games you will like this game and hey its FREE.

pic1 is of the menu. pic2 is what it looks like playing the game. pic 3 is what it looks like when you get an arrow instead of an orb. pic 4 is what the two player mode looks like. player one is on bottom and player two is on top.

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