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Tangle Free Headphone Suggestions?


Dec 7, 2010
Suggestions needed.

Looking for comfortable, tangle free, small form factor IEM's, with iphone contols. My price range is under $200, I listen to mostly podcasts, rock, and a little hip-hop, on an iphone. I'm not an audiophile by any means just looking for something that sounds ok, and won't kill my ears after a couple hours of use. I was looking for tangle free as I'm sick of my headphones not only getting tangled but after wrapping them up and throwing them in my bag the cable starts to curl or have a wave that hits my neck and gets annoying. I would like them small as I fly alot and for me its hard to rest my head or sleep on a pillow with the IEM being forced farther in my ear. Lastly iphone control is a must as I will always be using them with my iphone and love the convience of the controls. Thanks for the help and sorry if some of that didn't make sense.

I have tried the:
Diddy Beats. (to heavy, to big, and not worth the money)
Bose MIE2i. (was looking for comfort but they aren't IEMs and dont seal so no good)
a-Jays Four. (I felt these were the best so far in terms of size and value, but never was able to wear them for that long, always started hurting my ear)
Apple IEM's (These were very uncomfortable to me, didn't last a day)
Shure SE215 (Found out I am not a fan of headphones that wrap over your ear, so please don't suggest any)
I think I've tried others but can't remember right now.

I thought about spending a little more money and going custom. I am just worried about spending money and it still feeling like its jaming in my ear while resting my head on a plane and dont know of any that have iphone controls.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks for the great forum.


Active member
Oct 28, 2011
My personal favorites so far have been the Soul by Ludacris S49s. I have a set and use them a few hours a day and have had no issues with discomfort or anything with them. The controls work great, the flat cord has yet to get tangled, even though they do come with a carrying case. That's just my two cents though.