Taking The Ultimate Picture


Feb 6, 2012
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So I was looking at some of the Shot on iPhone pictures from the One Night campaign they did on November 5th and I was floored by those pictures. If I recall, you're a photo expert yourself, no?

What tips would you offer a novice on taking the perfect shot? And are accessories used to take some of these impressive photos to make them truly stand out?

Serenity Caldwell

Managing Editor
Sep 12, 2014
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I don't know if I'd call myself an *expert*, but I really do love mobile photography. And yeah, those pictures were incredible.

The biggest thing when it comes to low light photography is stillness: Either *you* have to be still, or your subject has to be. One of my favorite low light shots I've taken in recent memory was this guy:


I didn't use anything other than the app Obscura, a *very* steady hand, and using the lip of the fountain to steady my iPhone 7 Plus. You really, really need a steady surface (ideally a tripod) to keep the phone from shaking.


Same principle for this photo: rest the iPhone on a steady surface and pray. This was pitch darkness on a pier, with only the moon (off to the left) for light.

There are some great tools you can use to improve your low-light shots, for sure:

- A remote shutter button will keep you from shaking the iPhone when you go to take the photo
- Some sort of steadying rig for your iPhone (a Glif for a tripod, or even a simple $6-$10 portable plastic Amazon stand)
- A pocket reflector (like this: Pocket Reflector - Photojojo) to bounce the light you do have onto your subject

Beyond that, it's having an eye for the action. The night is a time for mystery and delight: What is going to truly capture that spirit that you can photograph?