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Nov 28, 2008
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Hi all!

My contract (with O2) is up for renewal very shortly and I've pretty much decided on getting an iPhone (white one I might add :)), but I've read that Apple (and hopefully O2) will be dropping the price on the iPhone for crimbo, so I'm trying to hold back a bit until something solid is mentioned.

A little background to my choice:
I've had a N95 (first version) for 18months, and its been a pretty good phone (only really started to use it properly, such as installing programs etc). It's the longest phone I've used. I've (as mentioned above) tried to use the phone as a multi-media device, but found that there are some limitations to it. An example would be a film I put on the phone about a week ago. The film is (as most are now) in wide-screen, and trying to view the film on the N95 is not impossible, but could be better due to the size of the screen. I've found some games are hard to play due to having large-ish fingers/thumbs (but for some reason I can use the iPhone no probs). The camera is ok, but I've not gone far enough to take a picture and actually print or use it on the PC (a proper camera would definately be more suitable).

(turning into bit of a long post this)

Other phones I was looking at to upgrade to were the Samsung PIXXON, Samsung INNOV8, the N96 and the G1 (Google phone).

I decided against the Samsungs (although having very good cameras at 8mp) on a few points. The INNOV8 uses an updated version of the same OS on the N95, so the usability of the phone itself wouldnt be much different to what I've had for the last 18 months, something I wouldnt consider as an upgrade. The PIXXON is touch-screen, but the widget like UI doesnt really interest me (for some reason). Also, both phones dont have a 3.5mm jack, so I couldnt just put any ole headphones in.
The N96, again I wouldnt consider an upgrade, isnt that much different than the N95's. Sure it has mobile TV, but we can't recieve it in the UK yet. The CPU has been mentioned as being slower than the N95-8gb, and I've seen some games run on a N96 which does struggle :S.
Firstly with the G1, is the T-Mobile signal isnt the greatest in the town I work in (in fact, the signal isnt too good anywhere on the island), so doing anything phone related is pretty much out the window ... therefore the phone wouldnt be useable.

So ... the iPhone ...

I love gadgets, always have. So the iPhone seems the right choice. Sure, it has a 2mp camera, but seems a pretty good camera ... and remember its a phone with a camera unit attached to it. Compared to the other phones, the iPhone is such a beauty to look at and hold. Even the apps for the iPhone look tasty. The screen is big enough to watch films, and there's some pretty decent games out there.

I have a Windows Mobile phone for work, and I'd never get one for personal use. Sure its very flexible with apps and there's a lot of choice out there, but the OS is way to unstable and I've had so many problems with the use of winmo phones which was mainly due to slowness and most of the UI you need a stylus for.

So, just got to hold on till something about the price is mentioned, or I might just get one anyway :D

Sorry for the long post ... I might even add more to it when I've had some lunch :p