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Taking all out from iPhone 6 and adding parts of Iphone 5c?


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Taking all out from Iphone 6 and adding parts of Iphone 5c?

My motherboar on iphone 6 is dead, and I tried to change it over ebay and it has erorr when i start it because it is not working with fingerprint button and other parts.

So i wanted to ask you: If you know some forum topic or video or something where people are taking all from Iphone 6 out and adding Iphone 5c or Iphone 5s or 5 and adding to iphone 6. Is it possible to work as Iphone 5c in body of 6?

Please help, because in my country there is no apple store and first I can find 600km from home.


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Aug 14, 2015
Re: Taking all out from Iphone 6 and adding parts of Iphone 5c?

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What you are asking can be done, but unless you already have the parts to do it, it will cost you more than it is worth. iFixit will be the site with the best answers to do something like that.