"Synergy" / "Mouse w/o Borders" style functionality between iPad and XP machine?


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Mar 12, 2013
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Greetings iMore

First off, let me appologize for my rather poor knowlegde of all things Apple, but I hail from wpcentral and im an all Microsoft guy.

What brings me here is that an idea suddenly popped into my head, due to my frequent use of "Mouse without Borders" (Win/WP only).
The alternative to that is "Synergy" (osx/linux/win cross platform), if you dont know these programs, I greatly suggest you look em' up on youtube.

Basically, it allows you to "link" several individual computers into a multi-monitor experience, sharing a single keyboard and mouse between the machines, and most importantly, allowing seamless copy-paste of simple text between the machines.

So the idea I had was that I know my mother works at an XP machine all day, but she also has an iPad 2, and I realized it would greatly improve her workflow, if she could just put the iPad in a stand, but use the keyboard of her XP machine on the iPad at will, as well as copy-paste text between the two.

So... any ideas?, sadly, I havent been able to find anything myself, mostly since any seach phrase using "remote control" drowns you in results where the iPad controls the PC, not the other way around (or ideally, have them work in conjunction with each other).

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