Syncing several calendars and your iphone with one push!


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Jun 4, 2009
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Since there is an Iphone, there always has been the syncing-problem. Thousands of apps are available in the appstore.
I tried some and none of them could convince me. Either there were problems concerning the coulours in my calendar, or problems concerning the exact synchronisation of my appointments.
Many apps are expensive, everything but userfriendly, or developer-specific, such as google.
Surfing the internet I found another interesting solution. I have to admit, taht I was tired trying new apps of this kind, but I gave it a chance - and... I'm totally happy to have done it. The app is called "remote calendar". It's based on calDAV and can sync a hughe bunch of calendars, such as google, zimbra, sunbird or ical, etc. It is easy to handle and quite cheap. In the 3 month I've been using it, I couldn't find any bug. I can sync my calendar from whereever I am without having to check the new entries by calling my office.
Since I am using different calendars for private and business reasons, remote calendar now is one of my favourite apps. Well, Iphone makes life easier in some regard, doesn't it? ;)

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