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Jun 17, 2009
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If you are looking for the perfect PC/MAC/ iDevice/Cloud backup solution, I have found it and want to take a moment to share with my fellow members.

To skip all of the reading and see for yourself how great it is, visit for your FREE 5GB account. This is not a trail account, this is 5GB free!

(Read below for my personal testimony and why you should at least get the free 5GB account. I?m putting this together after being disappointed with all other backup/cloud solutions and having finally found the perfect solution.)

My Story and Past (Failed) Experiences with Backup and Cloud Solutions
Like many of you, I?ve tried every backup solution so that I can backup and access my files from anywhere., Dropbox, iCloud, iDisk, Carbonite, Mozy, MobileMe? you name it. They all have their benefits but none worked perfectly? until now.

If you are not familiar with SugarSync, that?s OK, I wasn?t either at first until I read a review online. Simply put, SugarSync allows me to backup any file, any folder, and access it any time from any device or browser.

Convenient & User-Friendly
Storing my files in the cloud for accessibility, security, and backup is crucial for me. I work from home and have multiple computers and iDevices and it is important that I have access to all of my files at all times and from anywhere.

I first signed up for the FREE 5GB account and within an hour, I knew that SugarSync was for me. Prior to that, I wasn?t familiar with SugarSync but I was familiar with all of the other companies (including the anticipated iCloud) and they did not work perfectly for me.

SugarSync allows me to backup all of my files to the cloud and access them from any iDevice or browser. Since I have an iPhone and iPad, I can use the app to access apps and send private or public links to the files very easily.

Is it Like Dropbox?
I?ve had a Dropbox account for years but one thing I?ve never liked about it is that you must move your files from the organized folders into your Dropbox account. If I have a Documents folder, why should part of my documents be in a Dropbox folder and the others be in the Documents folder? Shouldn?t they be in the same place at all times? SugarSync allows me select the folders I want to sync and does not require me to change my storage structure. For those that like the Dropbox folder style, it is available within SugarSync. I have a couple VPS accounts and find this feature helpful as it allows me to drop files into it from my Desktop and when I log into my VPS, they are there ready to access.

Visit for your FREE 5GB account and to see for yourself how great it is.

Is it Free?
Yes! Other companies provide 2GB of free space. That?s hardly enough to even do a good test. SugarSync provides 5GB of free space. No credit card required. I like it so much that since then, I?ve upgraded to the 100GB account. You can give one of their paid accounts a free 30-day trial. It?s a lot cheaper than buying hard drives.

Multiple Computers & Devices
I currently run SugarSync on two notebook PC?s and two desktop PC?s. (Multiple platforms are supported). One of the notebook?s has a 128GB SSD drive so being able to have live access to files without having to store the data on my PC is a huge bonus. Once you open the App or Program from your computer, you can select the device you want to access and then browse to the needed file. The file you are accessing are the backup?s. That said, your other devices can be off and you can still access the files.

Shared Folders and Files
I work from home and often have to share projects with others that are too large to email. I can either send a secure download link and restrict the number of downloads using the link or create a shared folder so that we can both revise files and keep them securely stored.

Live Backups
When you first install SugarSync and select the folders you want to backup, it will take a while to upload all of your files to the cloud. From that point on, only the files that you edit will be backed up in real-time. I can literally make a chance to a file on my desktop and access the revised version via the iPad app within a few seconds. You can access your files from ANY computer browser even while your devices are turned off.

Sync Files Between Computers
There are files that I need access to at all times but do not always have an internet connection. SugarSync allows me to sync folders between computers without having to move files and folders into a dropped folder. I select the folder(s) I want to sync between computers and at all times I have live and updated copies of the file on my computer. This eliminates all needs for me to email myself files and track down the latest versions.

Sync Files to iDevices
iDisk is going away and I haven?t been impressed with iCloud storage. I can tell SugarSync which files/folders to sync with my iDevice and it will be there at all times with or without an Internet connection.

Get your 5GB FREE account ? no credit card required.

Other SugarSync features that you may be interested in include

  • Versioning with ability to restore
  • Upload/Sync via Email
  • Sync Folders to Mobile Devices
  • Edit files through the web
  • Publish to Facebook
  • Share Photo Albums (securely)
  • Steam media to Mobile Devices & Computer
  • Work for iDevice, BlackBerry, PC, Mac, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian
  • Multiple Languages

Once you get to the website and start your free trial, go to the bottom left and look for the Compare link to see the side-by-side comparisons of other popular storage options.

I hope this has been helpful. In the past, I was one of the many looking for that perfect solution and see this as a good way to give back to the community who has helped answer other iPhone related questions.

If anyone has any questions about SugarSync, I?ll be glad to help. If you are currently using it, let us know what you think about it.

Free 5GB SugarSync Backup Account -

Thanks for reading,


PS - Once you have activated your 5GB account or paid account, come back and let me and others know what you think. Is it as good as I promised or are their suggestions that we should pass along for future updates? Be sure to download the iPhone and iPad app as well.

FYI ? I do not work for SugarSync. I simply support companies that create great products and services and want to do all I can to not only help my fellow members, but to make sure the company sticks around for a long time. If you are looking for a way to backup your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to your PC or Mac using Apple or Windows, SugarSync is a great solution. Give it a try with their free 5GB account. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and come back to post your feedback.


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Jun 17, 2009
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I've had several PM's regarding the post and instead of replying individually, I will comment for all to us.

Q - Can I upgrade from one level to the next at a pro-rated rate?
A - I first went from free to 25GB to 100GB. You only pay the difference based on what you have paid.

Q - Can I sync between Mac and PC?
A - Yes. I do not have a Mac but I know that this feature is available and is used by many on here.

Q - How long is the free account?
A - The free account does not expire. If 5GB is enough for you, keep it forever and you will not pay anything.

As an FYI, I am not using it on my Windows Home Server 2011 to ensure an off-site backup of the most important documents. It works like a charm!