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Nov 23, 2009
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Hi, This is my first post. I have looked at some of the post relating to syncing with exchange but haven't been able to get what I need or I may have missed something.

We have microsoft exchange server 2003, windows xp, -- here are my issues -

my boss wants to sync his calendar, notes, tasks, and contacts. The contacts are in business contact manager. Not everyone uses business contact manager and it has created somewhat of a headache. We have been trying to use companion link to do the syncing but things just don't work properly. We have decided the calendar is most important and want it so that almost instantaneously changes made from either the Iphone or outlook calendar they go to the other.

I thought I had the phone settings set properly but earlier we did some testing with the calendar and it is not working. There are things on the calendar which have recently been added but have never come to the phone.

First how do I set up the phone to push the calendar?
What steps do I take to set up the calendar to push to the phone?
Do I need to disable the syncing of the calendar from companion link?

This has been a very trying year. My boss switched from a blackberry to the Iphone when we couldn't get the Iphone to sync properly he switched to the blackberry storm. Couldn't get it working properly either. So he switched back to the Iphone. He knows other collegeaus who have Iphone and their calendars sync almost instantly. This is what he wants. No one seems to kow what the problem is and why we can't get his phone synching.

I have had to hire and fire 3 IT people trying to get this right. We still aren't there. I know it is something as simple as a setting needing to be corrected. I just need direction so I can get it fixed.

All help is greatly appreciated. This bookkeeper wants to go back to doing the books and get away from doing IT work.

Thanks again.



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Jul 22, 2009
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Are other people syncing to the same Exchange server without a problem? If he's the only one, has the server been setup to allow it?

Exchange needs to have Activesync and (I believe) Outlook Web Access configured before it will sync with a mobile device.


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Jun 18, 2009
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If blackberry didn't work too it's not activesync that's causing the problem.

though you didn't say if you tried BIS or BES for the blackberry.

my guess is you either have a corrupt OST, a corrupt exchange server, your firewall is misconfigured or something similar.

what is your firewall exactly?

oh, and you can't sync notes and tasks via activesync.

if you really want this to work either quit firing people and give them time to find the issue or find an IT services company that specializes in this kind of thind. they will cost upwards of $150/hr. just in case, get your boss used the the idea of spending money on hardware and/or software and to change how you do things to get it working
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