Switcheasy Odyssey Case for iPhone 5 three stars


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Nov 27, 2011
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Got this recently, mixed bag. Have the blue one.

Really like the design, colors, port coverage and form factor. It's a fun case and looks cool. Doesn't add much bulk.

The flip side is the buttons are really hard to push. You don't get that tactile feedback you'd expect.

For some reason, the volume button is a single rocker rather than separate circular buttons like you'd find on 90+% of the cases that cover that part of the phone. At first I thought I was sent the 5C case by mistake until I tried with my wife's 5C.

With the remote on the headphones, adjusting the volume isn't an issue, without them in, different story. I didn't realize how many times a day I adjust the volume until I got this case.

The bottom is already losing its fit where the lightening port connector is. You also need a headphone adapter to be able to plug it into a car stereo in line chord. I got one and it doesn't work for some reason. Take the adapter off, peel the case back, no problem.

The headphone jack cover can be a little tricky to open. I like the Otterbox Commmuter better here.

The coverage for the screen isn't that good and without the screen cover I'd be hesitant to set it face down. There isn't a lip like the Commuter.

The mute button is hard to get a good sense of touch as well. I found myself having to look at the screen to see if the bell with line through it appeared.

Came with screen cover, cloth and card to apply screen. You used to get more from Switcheasy including the adapter and occasionally a phone stand as well.

I'm a big Switcheasy fan, so I can overlook the downsides. Hopefully a revision of the case will be released with better button functionality.

It is a pretty high quality case, provides great protection (with the exception of the edge of the screen) and feels good in the hand. Plus, I have yet to see another one, so it's nice having a case no one else does.

Overall, I'd say 3/5, with 4.5/5 if they fix the buttons. Add a little more screen protection around the edges and it's 5/5.

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