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Nov 25, 2013
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Thanks to everyone for all the positive feedback. The iMore site is so positive compared to Crackberry! I plan to look at the phone today.


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Jan 15, 2017
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I was on Android 12 years and always Samsung. I made the switch to the iphone 7 plus in January. Two weeks later got the iPad Pro 12.9 and 3 weeks ago dumped the HP windows 10 for the Mac Pro 13 inch 2015 Retina display. Not looking back.
I do miss being able to customize and will gladly admit that. BUT the security and updates and great battery life make up for it. I can set up my own ringtones but Android was easier on that. I really haven't dived into it because haven't had the time but will be trying it out. I actually wasn't a fan of Apple for reasons I don't care to chime in on, but their products are the best and their customer service is awesome. I am a customer now for life and am very pleased. Apple just works, plain and simply that. No lag. No freezing. No battery issues when an update is released and trust me...they update in a timely manner. No issues. Gmail is good. I do use their mail client and Google works best on Apple..go figure. I actually like Siri and haven't had any problems with it. SIri sets up my calendar events without a hitch.
You will not regret making the switch. I didn't find the learning curve to be difficult. But I am not technically challenged. And for newbies it is not difficult. There are differences of course, but all in all, it is a great platform and user friendly. I like iMessage too.....good luck. And you will find iMore is great as well as Apple support. I did have to go into the store and the reps there are great. I am highly impressed.


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Nov 12, 2013
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Sorry to use this thread but didnt want to create a new one and my question is along the same lines.

My local carrier has a deal going on right now where you can trade in an older phone and get $200 off any iPhone. My current personal phone is a Nexus 6P and my work phone is a 6S, which i love but is too small so thats why im looking at the 7+. Im not going to trade in the 6P as i have an older phone i can use as the trade, so this would bring the 7+ costing only $150 ($350 before trade), im in Canada.

Do you guys think the 7+ is still worth it? Even when the 7S/8 comes out, it will cost around $350-400 Canadian. I expect some updates but i LOVE the design of the 7+, the size/screen/camera are just perfect. $350-400 on contract is just absurd to me, $150 is a crazy good deal and wanted to get your feedback.



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Jun 6, 2008
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I went from a Note 5 (android 6.0) to a 7+ and am very glad to have switched back to iOS. Apps are better, touch ID much faster and available on practically everything, thrilled to have an integrated mailbox again for ALL my accounts, CarPlay much better than Android Auto (at least on my current GTI), battery life has been excellent. Verizon is notoriously slow on Android updates but on iOS? I get them immediately without waiting on the carrier. I'm giving Apple radio a shot even just for better on the fly integration with phone/carplay. And I'm planning on an Apple Watch soon so obviously have to be back on an iPhone.......

Dislikes are covered above pretty well. I do miss the stylus slightly although it was basically just a playtoy for me. I hate the stock Apple keyboard and curse the numeric separation versus Samsung's (integrated number row on top). Or better yet Swiftkey which allows you to swap languages on the fly and mix two together (french & english together for example). Relatively minor gripes and I've come to terms with them quickly.

I got $450 from the BYOD swap to T-Mobile and $150 on my old phone so new 7+ was $260. Will see what new phones look like this September and decide if I'm upgrading and if Wife wants a new one as well.
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Apr 15, 2017
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Been a life long android guy. Just bought the 7+ yesterday at the local apple store matte black. Apple care in addition to a screen protector n black silicone case. Im coming from a S7 edge bought at the release. Sooooo sick of waiting for android updates. 800 dollar phone on 2 year software is ridiculous. So far so good. This phone is gorgeous n runs smooth. Sure theres a learning curve but the product inside n out seems far superior.

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