Swing Copters: Top 5 tips, hints, and cheats for the hardest game since Flappy Bird


Nov 15, 2013
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Swing Copters is an obscenely difficult one-touch action game from the infamous creator of Flappy Bird. Steel your patience, because making it even a few seconds on your first tries without plummeting to your demise is a challenging feat.
See, in Swing Copters, you control a little orange guy with a propellor hat. It will turn on and pull him upwards, but veer off to one side unless you tap the screen quickly enough to switch directions. Given this disorienting dynamic, you have to guide him through gaps in girders that, for some reason, have hammers swinging beneath them.
If you have barely been able to make it past the first girder, check out our top tips, tricks, and cheats for surviving the gauntlet of Swing Copters.

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