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Supported unlocking for iphone


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Jun 9, 2009
Hi all!

I am about to buy an iphone within the coming week (3gs). At the moment I live in the UK but I will be leaving within a year and I don't know yet where will my job be. It may be somewhere in Europe, somewhere in the US or in Canada.

Therefore I won't purchase a contract, just buy the iPhone and use o2 vouchers. However, since I will be moving country, I'd like to know when is it possible to unlock the iPhone in a fully supported way (not interested in hacks etc). According to support.apple.com/kb/HT1937 About activating iPhone 3G with a wireless carrier[/url], O2 won't unlock the iPhone but my question is, if I move to a country where they (either Apple or the mobile phone connection company) do unlock the iphone, will they be able to unlock a UK/O2 iphone?

Thanks in advance :)
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