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Dec 9, 2008
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As previously mentioned I'm one of thoes poor PC users :D that suffer at the hands of a corporate Outlook account chained to an exchange server.

All that aside I figured I'd share some of my successes. :rolleyes:

Mail: No issues here as I use the web interface for Yahoo Mail so it's not "tied" to any one computer. This allows the iPhone's default capabilities to access my mail without issue.

Calendar: Here's where we encounter the first of the iPhone/Google/Yahoo/Gmail failures. It's just not easy to wirelessly sync calendars to your iPhone unless you manage it through something NOT tied to excange.

Enter the Google Calendar Sync and NuevaSync combo.

Google Calendar Sync nicely accesses your Exchange tied Outlook calendar (which Apple appear unable or unwilling to do) and allows for syncing one of three ways.
- 1 way: Outlook to Google
- 1 way: Google to Outlook
- 2 way: Outlook to Google and Google to Outlook

With mine set to "1 way: Outlook to Google" I can push my calendar out to Google an then use NuevaSync to wirelessly download my iPhone calendar. I haven't tried pushing from the iPhone back to Google Calendar and into Outlook yet, but I will be before long!

Contacts: Here's second of the iPhone/Google/Yahoo/Gmail failures. Their inability to wirelessly sync contacts.

I'm test out OggSync to see how it works as Google just recently released the API for contact syncing. Unfortunately the conact sync capability can only be used if you've paid the $25 for the Pro version. The Calendar sync works even better than Google Calendar Syanc as it uses the categories you've created in Outlook as separate calendars. Very Nice.