Stating the Obvious Here - But It Is A Great Device


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Apr 3, 2006
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As some of you that frequent this forum may recall, I tried an iPhone last month but took it back after just a few days because of poor 3G service in my home (which is also my home office). I keep up with smartphones pretty well all over the web and really, all iFarts aside, Apple, Android and now Palm are probably the future of the smartphone world. It is going to be very interesting over the next year or two to see how things shake out between these platforms. I am currently a Sprint customer and while I am looking forward to seeing the Pre, I am just concerned that the screen is still going to be too small for my liking. HTC has some sweet looking WM devices coming later this year, but "WM" is the problem. I had a Storm also for a bit and it was OK, I actually liked the display better than the iPhone's, but really - RIM's OS is getting old and out dated. Look at the OS problems they have had with the Storm and the Sprint 8350i. Funny - folks LOVE them some BB's for the email, but I did not like the way it did Exchange via BIS.

My hopes right now - iPhone v3 in June/July and an ATT microcell - or maybe the newer iPhone and ATT's continued improvements with the network will take care of my problem. After I saw Logmein Ignition, it made the iPhone look that much better! And I can have farts apps too! SWEET! ;)