Stagecoach Christmas App for Children for iPad out NOW!


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Dec 9, 2011
Check out the latest Christmas App launched on iPad yesterday:

Stagecoach Education: Project Christmas comes to the iPad

To download it, just go to iTunes and search for "Stagecoach Christmas"

The value of pre-school education is too important to ignore. The benefits to the whole quality of childhood and to children in later life are immense.

Based on the original books by renowned education expert Dr. Lin Day (founder of the award winning programme Baby Sensory), Stagecoach Education: Project Christmas is the first of the series to be brought to the iPad.

Stagecoach was the first ever Educational Course developed for Under 5s and it has been helping to educate a global audience for over 20 years.

With Stagecoach for the iPad the underlying principles remain the same: A firm and solid foundation built in the early years will enable more complex structures to be built in later life. Learning to read and write should be considered in the same way as games, toys and other activities and need involve no pressure or force, but should be considered as a fun and joyful occupation.

Presented as a source of immense pleasure and enjoyment, learning comes naturally to a child, just as the spoken work is easily assimilated and stored in the memory.
The important point is that a child enjoys the activity.

Key features include:
- Draw and paint on over 30 Christmas-themed pages.
- Music and sound effects capture your child?s imagination.
- Learn numbers 1 to 20 and the alphabet with interactive pages.
- Discover hidden sounds and interactive features within certain exercises
- Create your own Christmas Card and Invitation for Santa
- Verbal and written instructions help to guide your child.
- Save your work to your photo album
- Share your work with family and friends via email
- Share your work via Twitter & Facebook
- Automatic bookmarking and saving of your drawings.
- Full guide for parents included.

The app costs just ?1.49 and is available from the App Store now.

You can download the app from here:

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