SportCaster app brings power of Twitter to 2011 Football Season


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Sep 1, 2011
It turns out that some of us at OneLouder are BIG sports geeks. We, the true fans, know there?s more to the game than scores and stats. It?s the breaking news, commentary and opinions that tell the real story.

We also know that these days, the fastest and best commentary for sports can be found on Twitter. Media analysts, bloggers, and players are on Twitter 24?7, tweeting insider news and analysis, usually well before it is picked up by mainstream media.

That?s why we developed SportCaster! Just in time for football season?. (At launch, SportCaster will support pro and college football. Other sports are coming soon!)

SportCaster is a unique sports experience connecting real-time curated Twitter conversations with sports scores and stats. ONLY SportCaster has a live feed of commentary directly from top sports analysts and players on Twitter.

We?ve combined these Twitter conversations with actual scores, standings and schedules, provided in real time ? super intuitive and easy to use.

- Simply select your teams for a live feed of tweets from players and top experts ? NO TWITTER ACCOUNT REQUIRED!
- On game day, select the matchup to follow Twitter feeds from both teams.
- SportCaster?s proprietary algorithm ensures that users are always following the most relevant conversations for their sports and teams.

Key Features:

- Conversation ? Select your favorite teams and see a live feed of tweets from the players themselves, plus experts, like writers, analysts and bloggers
- Social Scoreboard ? In addition to updated scores and stats, SportCaster shows a live feed of tweets from both teams?before, during, and after the game
- Fantasy ?Enter your fantasy roster and see player updates from the top fantasy gurus on Twitter, in real-time.
- Standings & Schedules ? Up-to-date leagues standing and team schedules - Twitter Functions ? Users with Twitter accounts will be able to perform limited Twitter functions, such as reply and retweet with comment

The SportCaster App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch. We hope you love it!

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