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SplattaGhoul Halloween free game for iPhone / iPod Touch & iPad


New member
Oct 23, 2010
Free for a limited time - so no promos codes required!

SplattaGhoul is a spooky horror-themed game in which your reactions and accuracy are put through their paces. Set across multiple creepy locations it features a plethora of creatures of the night, coupled with eerie music and chilling sound effects.

Tap to Splatt the Ghouls and send them back to whence they came and build your score-chain multiplier, but aim well, as one miss will break that score-run. Dispel as many demons as you can before the time runs out and the reaper judges your deeds.

Great for kids and grown-ups of all ages and sizes!



YouTube - SplattaGhoul Halloween free game for iPhone / iPod Touch & iPad

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SplattaGhoul Halloween - A Spooky Game for iPhone and iPod Touch...