SPiN WARS local multiplayer fun - 50 free copies


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Mar 22, 2013
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Hi everyone,

Win one of 50 free copies :D of the game if you subscribe to our newsletter on SPiN WARS - 4 player battle game - Brightside Games before Friday March 22nd 2013 23:59 CET. Winners will be drawn from the pool of all subscribers and win the game for one predefined platform (PC,Mac,iOS,Android).

Up to 4 friends battle each other simultaneously in local multiplayer in this simple but fun arena shoot 'em up game! Control your fighter and pull off your special moves with the well-timed tap of just one button!

- Frantic shoot'em up battles with awesome special moves!
- 4 Players on one device!
- Simple one-button controls!
- Pay once, get it all! No additional cost, pure fun!
- Great for pick-up and play video game tournaments at your event or party!
- Watch & share your instant video replays!

Let us know what your first impression is and watch a trailer on SPiN WARS - 4 player battle game - Brightside Games

SPiN WARS was released on iOS, Android, PC/Mac the 21st of March 2013 and will come to OUYA soon after that.