Spigen Ultra Clear Screen Protector for iPad Mini


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Oct 14, 2011
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Just installed the Ultra Crystal - Crystal Clear screen protector on my ipad mini. I have the same one on my Note 10.1 and love it, so that's why I bought it for my mini.

Like the other one, installation was easy and didn't get one single air bubble. Sweet! So when I went to unlock my screen using my Bamboo Paper stylus, the "slide to unlock" wouldn't work.. Huh? What? I had to press real hard with the stylus to get it to register... Well crap.. that sucks..

Tapping the screen and opening apps works "ok" now, but not as smooth as before w/ no screen protector. My Bamboo Paper stylus works flawlessly on my Note 10.1 with the same screen protector, so I'm thinking that somehow the composition material of the ipad mini screen protector is different that what I have on my Note 10.1.

I tried drawing with the stylus, but I have to press so hard it just isn't worth it. The tip of the stylus actually gets all smooshed from the amount of pressure needed to use the stylus.

So.. after spending $25 on this screen protector, it's coming off. I just can't work with it...

I'm really disappointed with the screen protector..

John Yester

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May 23, 2012
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Been there and tried them on iPad and same result... Didn't like anything on a larger screen.

iPad - Nothing besides a case

iPhone - SGP Ultra Fine.


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Mar 14, 2013
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commony use the screen protector,it will not have bad effect with your iPad Mini.there much be some wrong doings on it.
anyway,if you do not like the screen protector,just remove it.