(*)speck Presidio Grip Case for the iPhone 7 Plus


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Apr 2, 2014
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(*)speck Presidio Grip Case for the iPhone 7 Plus

-Stylish design
-10' drop protection
-Raised lip for face drop protection
-Compact form factor (for the provided level of drop protection)

-Not as grippy as their old Candyshell grip cases.
-Wobbles when using it on a flat surface
-Mold issues


Are you someone who loves a very stylish and sharp looking two-toned case with good drop protection? If so, then look no further than this Speck Presidio Grip case!

What You Get
The case comes in minimal packing, with cardboard, and a raised inner plastic molding to hold the case. Nothing special, but gets the job done.



Speck provides a moderately thick polycarbonate shell and boasts drop protection up to 10'! Speck indicates that the ridges form an Impactium(TM) Shock barrier which absorbs and dissipates the shock. This case also provides a raised lip for protection against face drops.


I am very impressed that they are able to provide 10' drop protection in a fairly compact form factor! I have used Otterbox and others who provide good drop protection, but in a fairly bulky form. Speck is able to do this in a case that's just slightly larger than "standard" thickness cases.

Fitment, Feel, and First Impressions
Speck did a fantastic job designing this case, with a matte polycarbonate shell and angled rubber ridges that complement the case. The matte polycarbonate shell also hides scratches to the case better than the old Candyshell grip case, which had a smooth surface. I have to say, this is one of the best looking cases that I have ever used!


Speck advertises that this is a "grip" case, so one would expect it to be very grippy. Unfortunately, the matte polycarbonate shell is pretty slippery compared to the smooth polycarbonate of the legacy Candyshell grip case. And while the rubber ridges help with grip, the rubber does not feel as grippy as the rubber on the old Candyshell grip cases. It feels more rigid, and also, the angled rubber gives it less grip than the straight rubber ridges on the old Candyshell grip case. Even with this said, the case still provides a moderate amount of grip, albeit less than the Candyshell grip case which it succeeded.

The power and volume buttons require a moderate amount of force to press, but more importantly, they also provide a very pleasant click, that not only can be felt, but can be heard!


The holes look well aligned, but keep in mind that this case is designed for both the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 6S Plus. As such, it has the cut-out to accommodate the headphone jack on the 6S Plus on the lower left. It functions perfectly fine, but those iPhone 7 Plus owners who are perfectionists will notice that it looks a little weird.


Another issue I had was that the molding between the volume up button and rocker switch is a little off. I received two cases from Speck, and one is definitely worse than the other, but, the imperfection is enough to cause light to come through between the switch opening and the gap between the case and the screen. This definitely seems like a manufacturing defect, and it probably only affects a small number of cases, and Speck should take care of you should you have this problem.


Finally, I did notice a slight wobble when using it on a desk, with certain parts of the screen more noticeable than others. This isn't an issue though if you hold it in your hand.

Why should I buy it?
The question I have to ask is, do you like the style? If you do, then it's a great case with 10' drop protection, and moderate (but not super) grip. What are you waiting for? Head over to Speck and pick up one today!

Presidio Grip iPhone 7 Plus Cases
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