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Nov 14, 2012
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So I'm debating purchasing Apple's Numbers and I'd like to get answers to a few questions before doing so. It's a shame there's no way you can evaluate the iWorks suite. Anyway, I'd be using Numbers as the centerpiece of my finance / budget planning and tracking on my iPad.

1. Is there any advantage to using Numbers rather than Google Drive's spreadsheet (which I'm doing at the moment)? I'm thinking Numbers, as a native app, will look better and be easier to navigate.

2. I had to modify my Excel spreadsheets when I moved them to Google Drive. I even had to completely abandon a few more advanced features. Have you found any major issues with compatibility? I'm not a professional accountant but, still, the more complex budget spreadsheet I made, cross-reference a lot of cell values, use conditional formatting and IF functions. I also have a few charts

3. Can you create documents with several sheets with Numbers or would they have to be separate documents?

That's about it for now but feel free to suggest anything or let me know of anything I need to be aware of.

Thanks in advance!


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Dec 8, 2012
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Hi vp710.
1) Agree. It looks nicer and has some advantages because every sheet is a blank workspace where you can position your tables, text or media.
2) In general there is nearly no compatibility between iOS Numbers and Excel or any other spreadsheet app except Numbers for Mac.Google Docs is not supported. For example: If you save a Numbers spreadsheet in Excel-Format you will get one table containing Export Summeries (an overview of the objects, e.g. tables in the numbers Spreadsheet) and for each table in a Numbers sheet you will get a sheet in Excel. Formulas containing different tables in one sheet get lost in Excel. References between documents are not supported (this is, on my point of view an advantage). Conditional formatting is not supported but many functions including IF statements and charts.
3) One document may contain several sheets and one sheet may contain several tables.

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