Space Platform: First Person Platformer for iPhone and iPad


Dec 5, 2013
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After months of hard work and too much caffeine, it's finally here.
Hope you enjoy my game and thank you for letting me share it with you

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About The Game:
Space Platform is a first person slow paced platformer that relies more on knowing your surroundings and figuring out what you should do next. The game is set in space where the only sound you will hear is your footsteps. The core goal for each level is to collect the artifact and reach the teleporter.The game?s unique platform puzzles and touch sensitive jumps will challenge players to the maximum.

Game play focuses on the following:
- Timing: Timing when you should press the jump button and for how long is a core game play.
- Platform patterns: Learning the patterns of the moving platforms will make it easier to traverse.
- Switches: Use switches to control platforms to your advantage.

- 20 Unique levels full of inventive level design for hours of gameplay.
- Beautiful graphics to immerse you into your missions.
- Clean interface with minimal HUD.
- Simple responsive first person controls.
- NO Ads. NO inApp Purchases.
- You will save the human race from extinction ;-)

YouTube Gameplay:

On May 4th, 2418 - A group of scientists introduced a program named ?Sapien? to the public. The application can be used to alter or create a human from scratch. For a period the world rejoiced as elimination of disease and immortality was becoming a reality. However, optimism was short lived as world leaders realized the dangers that came with the program. They feared biological terrorist attacks using the program.
As the world?s population split in two, World Leaders banned the program and ordered all of its copies destroyed. In secret, a group of scientists formed ?The Resurrection Initiative?. They divided the last copy of the program into pieces and sent it into the orbits of random uninhibited planets.
Ironically it was too late. A terrorist cult released an ?entity? into the atmosphere that could alter humans and make breathing oxygen deadly. Before anyone could figure out what?s going on. The human population was wiped out in less than a week.

You, Captain Sean Marshal were put in cryostatis as part of the ?Resurrection Initiative? and woke up 200 years after human extinction. Your task is to collect the pieces of ?Sapien? and resurrect humans. You are humanity?s only hope.

Game Info:
Platform : iOS [Universal]
Size: 91.7 MB
Price : $ 2.99

AppStore Link:

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