Soundcore Mini 2 Pocket Bluetooth IPX7 Waterproof Outdoor Speaker Review


Aug 28, 2012
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wanted share my thoughts on the Anker Soundcore Mini 2 Pocket Bluetooth IPX7 Waterproof Outdoor Speaker. I am a member of Anker’s PowerUser group and on occasion, they send me a product to sample and give feedback on as well as review. I own 3 Anker speakers already, so I was interested to see how this one compared. Let’s see how this one stacks up to what Anker says about it.

Anker says this little speaker has, “A customized 6 W driver with built-in BassUpTM technology supplies sound that defies Soundcore Mini 2’s compact size. Fill the room with full-bodied audio; crisp, clear highs and deep, rich lows.” I will say that in my opinion, it does surprise given its size. It’s about as wide as a soda can and about half the size. And, it is quite loud for its size. And, the bass is surprisingly robust. The bottom is rubber and the body is metal. It seems the rubber bottom may serve as the “sub-woofer” in this case and I suspect that’s what delivers the bass punch. I will say that the speaker does a good job of filling a small room, but does get a little lost in a larger one.

Anker claims IPX7 Waterproof Protection in this unit featuring an advanced casing that offers impenetrable protection against water, rain, dust, mud and more. Soundcore Mini 2 even withstands being submerged in up to 3.3 ft (1 m) of water for 30 minutes. I’ll have to take their word for it here. I did have it outdoors at the beach by pool and a brief sprinkle came and it held up well to getting wet. But, I didn’t submerge it, nor would I have a reason too. It’s good to know that if it got dropped in the pool, it would likely survive to see another day though.

Anker rates this speaker for 15 hours of non-stop entertainment as it is powered by a high-performance Li-ion battery and Anker’s superior power management technology. I didn’t go 15 hours straight with it, but I did use it for 3 days without charging it by the pool and the beach and it never quit on me. Total hours used was just over 15. Your mileage may vary a little based on the volume you like and the range from your device, but I’d say 15 hours is spot on.

This little speaker has Anker’s True Wireless Stereo technology makes it easy to pair your speaker with a second Soundcore Mini 2 for stereo sound with greater spatial depth and even bigger volume. I didn’t get to test this yet as I don’t have a second speaker with the tech that I can pair to it. I have seen other reviews on it and most folks say it works without a hitch.

This speaker features Bluetooth 4.2 and Anker says you should be able to connect without issue up to 66 ft away. I can tell you that this is true for the most part as long as there aren’t walls or large objects in play. If you have line of sight, you are good. If not, it just depends on the objects and materials. You can also answer calls on it and it serves the purpose well.

It does come with a charging cable and you can keep it plugged in, though that’s probably not good on the battery long term. It also features a line in port if you don’t want to use Bluetooth or the device you have your music on doesn’t feature it.

All in all, if you want a small speaker, that has a little punch to it and can fit into a cup holder, and can stand up to the elements, this might work for you. Add to it, the stereo paring feature at $35 standard cost, it’s not a bad deal. More than likely you’ll be able to catch it on one of Anker’s Amazon sales and score a real bargain.


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Jan 8, 2012
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Thank you. In the meantime, please contact @jcstek to inquire about joining the Community Review Team. By doing so, your 'review' thread don't get mistaken for advertising without permission. Take care.

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