Soul Impact OE Headphones Review

Adam Matlock

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Mar 28, 2017
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Building off of my recent Soul SS19 earphone review, I was so happy with the product that I reached out and asked to review a pair of their higher-end headphones. I am happy to report that I am just as enthusiastic with the brand-new Soul Impact OE Headphones. They take many of the same winning qualities that I appreciated in the earphones and then took it up a notch – BAM! And on top of their stellar sound quality and solid drivers, they ring in at a competitive price of $99.99 on Amazon, with a limited time discount code for an additional 30% off, bringing them down into the bargain range of $69.99.


Sound Quality: The sound quality on the Impact OE headphones is phenomenal. A lot of the depth and range of sound really helps your music pop. Earphones are great; they’re compact, they’re convenient, and they help get the sound straight to your ear drums. However, no earphones can really live up to the power, all-around sound and dept that you can get out of a great set of headphones. As much as I like the SS19 earphones, I am equally, if not more in love with the Impact OEs. The depth of the base and the vocals are much better represented, especially with the volume cranked up. As far as headphones go, I generally shy away from them because they’re just so darn expensive for good ones, and I can’t roll with cheap audio accessories – cheap quality, not cheap price. Of course I want to get adequate bang for my buck, but I don’t want to sacrifice on sound quality. Music for me is a great way to shut down the white noise and ambience of the real world, allowing me to focus in on my tunes and enjoy the listening experience. I listen to a broad range of music, but for testing purposes I really have a couple of songs on my playlist that I like to push through and test the listening experience. Right now I’m hooked on the Planet Sakaar and Magic Sword songs from Thor: Ragnarok (the whole soundtrack is just epic), and the new World Through my Eyes mix by Depeche Mode from the upcoming Enter Player One movie. I can listen to them over and over, jamming out while I spend time on my computer. Digressing… The listening experience on these songs is more than excellent on these new Impact OEs. One of the problems I’ve had lately with earphones is that the mids are not 100% where I want them to be. Either you get vocals, or you get synths; you can’t seem to have both. Bumping up the on-the-ear Impact OE headphones has eliminated that problem. The music is well-ballanced, with just enough thump, vocals, and synth mixed to gether to get a great listening experience! The volume is good too. It’s not uncomfortably loud, but it’s right on the cusp of loudness that doesn’t compromise the sound, but gives you enough juice to enjoy rocking just about any kind of music. Lastly, in addition to sound quality, even though they don’t have noise-dampening technology in them, the combination of snugness and volume drowns out the entire world around you. I was highly impressed with the sealed off, noise free listening experience that these headphones provide.


Comfortability: The Impact OEs are as comfortable as I can imagine on-the-hear headphones are capable of. I have actually never purchased a pair of on-the-ear headphones before because they get stuffy and uncomfortable after they’ve been sitting on your ears for a while. To avoid this, I have always, always bought over-the-ear headphones. Well, apparently I’ve been missing out because these bad boys are super comfortable. I took them out of the box immediately after I got them, didn’t charge them, and put them right on and started listening to my favorite tunes. I’m happy to report that a) I have ben using them for hours without any discomfort, and b) I still haven’t charged them after a cumulative 5-6+ hours of listening. Yup, epic comfortability and stellar battery life. Right now I’m just waiting for them to die so I can charge them because I’m curious to see how long they’ll really go for. All in all though I’ve definitely changed my mind about on-the-ear headphones and I’ve really enjoyed listening to them.


Functionality: The functionality is pretty straightforward and easy to use. Unlike some of the other audio accessories I’ve reviewed lately, you will have to manually pair these earphones, but it’s pretty easy. From the “off” position. Just hold the multi-function button (the power button) for five seconds and it will put the earphones in pair mode (the light flashes red and green), and then you can easily select them from your Bluetooth menu. Other than that, the volume buttons are easy to use and built into the right side headpiece. The headphones are charged with a standard USB 2.0 connector, which is on the left-side headpiece. The headphones are rated up to 18 hours of listening time – Holy Toledo! Yup, the battery life is fantastic. Like I said above, I haven’t charged these yet and I’ve easily got over 5-6hrs of listening, spread out over a few days. I wish there was battery meter, but right now these guys are churning along like the Energizer Bunny. You definitely won’t be disappointed with the battery life and power that is pushed out of these headphones! In addition to sweet tunes, comfortability and battery life, the Impact OEs also have a built-in microphone for phone calls, which is pretty sweet. It’s always weird for me to talk on the phone through audio accessories, especially earphones/headphones, but it’s really nice when I’m out for a walk or sitting at my computer and I can keep plugging along while I talk hands-free. One additional feature that I really love is that the headphones still have a 3.5mm headphone hookup on them, which means you can use them for more than just bluetooth connectivity on your phone – you get the best of both worlds!


Additional Features and Specs:
- Rated at 18 hours of playtime (wowsers!), 2hrs for a full recharge, and 20 days of standby time.
- Comes with a MicroUSB 2.0 charging cord, but it’s very short. (charging base not included)
- Bluetooth 4.0connectivity (one-touch pairing)
- 33ft connectivity range
- Built-in microphone for phone calls
- Comes with a hardshell carrying case with caribiner clip.


Conclusion: They’re fantastic! I have been enjoying them ever since I took them out of the box, and if you’re in the market for a fancy new set of headphones, I give them two solid thumbs up. The sound quality is great, the battery goes on forever, they have excellent power and balance, and the price is super competitive. They have my recommendation for anyone from a casual listener to the semi-serious audiophile.

If you’re interested in picking up a pair of Soul’s Impact OE headphones, you can purchase them directly through Amazon, with this link: They are currently priced at $99.99, but you can get them for $69.99 with this exclusive discount code: 2OPH3XQK - and they’re eligible for free Prime 2-day shipping.


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Jan 8, 2012
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That's awesome! I may have to look into checking out a pair. Thank you for taking the time to write this review. Well done, sir....:cool:

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