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Song refused to transfer from 6s Plus to 12 Pro Max. My story.


Oct 2, 2013
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I used the new iPhone to iPhone data/info transfer method when I set up my new iPhone 12 Pro Max. Afterwards, I noticed one of my purchased songs was grayed out. When I tapped on it, I got the "Not available in my country or region" pop up. This is a song I paid for 5 years ago, back before Music was a thing. I still have the receipt. I checked on my old 6s Plus, and it's still there and works perfectly. The song is also still available for purchase in the iTunes Store. I checked the artist and song, and it's still available there as well. So, why did it show "Not available in my country or region"? After checking my Pro Max was listed in my iCloud Apple ID section in Settings and conferring with the iMore Music guru, I called Apple Support. She had no clue, so she transfered me to iTunes, where a specialist also had no clue. Together, we checked everything on my account, in the music app, and in the iTunes Store app for purchases. We were on the phone 2 hours. No fix was found. So, she gave me 2 song credits. I used one to purchase the song again. Now I show 2 in my Purchased Songs list, one is still grayed out, and the other is not. She suggested not deleting the grayed out song. And now I have a song credit left to purchase a song for free. All that over a song I paid 69¢ for 5 years ago!


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Jul 20, 2015
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Sounds like the file got irreversibly corrupted during the attempted transfer. Who knows. I’ve definitely had my share of weird things happen in iTunes since I started using it in 2002. Just last Wednesday I noticed a song that I’d ripped years ago that had been fine last timed I’d check was un-synched in my library and I had to re-rip it. Happens.

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