Solved my Kernel Errors in Sierra


Mar 27, 2015
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I recently picked up a nice late 2014 iMac 27 5K unit with the I7 3.5, 32 gigs of ram and 4 gig video and 1TB SSD for $1300.00 from a local estate sale.

I used migrate and EtherNet cable to transfer my account and data over from my older late 2012 model and everything transferred fine with no errors.

Before I started the migrate process, I made sure I wiped the new machine I had just bought and installed a fresh copy of sierra and did all the updates so both machines had the same OS versions.

After I completed the migrate process, I was getting kernel errors and the machine kept requiring a restart. This happened several times and I removed all my USB devices and only had the mac keyboard and Magic Mouse connected and was still getting the errors and restart request.

I looked on all of the forums and to see if anyone else was having the same issues and I noticed their where a few folks, but no concrete solutions to fix the issue.

After beating my head against the wall for a day. I started with the installed memory, I pulled out every 8 gig memory chip except the first slot which I left one of the four 8 gig DDR3 1600 MHz chips into and restarted the machine.

I was still getting the kernel errors, so I removed the first slot memory card and installed the original last there memory chips which gave me 24 gigs of ram and the top slot was empty. I set the original first slot memory chip aside.

One a hunch, I download the last Sierra update from the App Store and manually installed it on the machine and restarted it. Bingo!! Now my kernel errors are gone and the machine is running perfectly with all my original account and apps from my older machine.

I was thinking it could have been some older driver issue that carried over from my older machine in the migration process and was fixed when I manually installed the last OS update.

Or, maybe the first memory chip I set aside is bad which I will have checked out this week.

I wanted to share my experience in case there was someone out there who was experiencing the same issues as me. I hope it helps solve your kernel error issues.
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