Solution- TODO Tasks (sync) Google Calender!


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Jul 17, 2008
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Hello All,

I have come up with a way to use TASKS and Todo Lists on the iPhone. and Sync that with your calender as well.

It involves getting a couple of things, but it works if anyone is interested.

First off.
NuevaSync - Over the Air Synchronization
Will let you create a free account and you can sync your GMAIl calender and even your GMAIL Contacts to your neuva account. (this is an exchange account people! and free!)
then you can set this up on your iPhone and have your calender and your contacts in SYNC with your google calender and google contacts.

Secondly., The iPhone app called "TODO" all one word. syncs with
Remember The Milk: Online to do list and task management

Interestingly enough also Syncs with your google calender. See where i'm going with this? =)

You can create tasks using TODO on your iphone, when ever you are in the APP TODO it will sync with account (it's not push so you need to open up TODO in order to sync)

Your tasks will be on the cloud and also show up on your google calender.

Now if you are using the neuva sync, this will then show up on your iPhone's Calender =)

I know... i know alot of steps here... it would be nice if there was a built in Tasks/ type of thing on the current calender but hey? it works =)

*Note i signed up for the PRO account which is 25$, it's kinda like a donation thing.
Also the TODO app on the App store is 9.99

This is a cheaper solution then using MobileME, because the exchange functionality is free from Neuvasync....... =)


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