SnowWriter 1.0 - initally rejected for objectionable content

Jul 14, 2009
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We too had a run in with the iTunes app approval process. We were rejected for objectionable content and it took 5 weeks to resolve! Maybe we deserved it, but we got some clarity on whats objectionable and whats not that we'd like to share. The full story is on our blog at

Snow Writer Approved! ?|?SWN Software Group

And then check out Snow Writer - a FREE lite version is currently being approved by Apple.

Snow Writer lets you write (and send) any short message in one of the most outrageous ways imaginable. Our first version lets you share with friends via email after saving on the camera roll. We plan to add in app email and MMS shortly. Maybe this will be the future of text messaging -who knows?

SWN Software Group?|? Details: SnowWriter

Video link:
YouTube - Snow Writer