Slaughter 3 is ready to roll!


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May 2, 2018
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The trilogy comes to an end and reaches its peak of evolution.
This time you can assemble a team and control any character. The characters will unlock as you'll advance in the game.


The story so far:
A city hidden from the rest of the world.

For years it had been used as a massive prison complex, where all the most dangerous criminals were sentenced for life to be kept locked away in forever. Thousands of thieves, thugs, and killers festering in their anger and rage, wanted to break free.

Now, the prison’s walls have fallen…

The entire complex has been overrun by the enraged criminals. All personnel and security were slaughtered, and local inhabitants forced to flee to the nearby woods.

You alone are left, soldier! Your partner has gone missing and communication with them was lost. To survive this lawless uprising you’ll need to be tough and prepared.
Arm yourself with the best weapons, recruit allies, and find a way to escape this chaos.


As in previous games in the series, the game has a story mode and arena mode. In this part, free mode is also added. The player is provided with a small city for exploring, searching for new weapons and battles with enemies.
But essentially Slaugher remains the same meaty and fun shooter.

Graphics and optimization:


This time the visuals was pulled to a new level. Every material is bump-mapped and has variable roughness. Also added some implimentation of SSR (reflections) to complete the picture.
As for optimisation: the game can be played on almost all devices with 1GB of ram and higher. Even potato ones can run this game (on lower settings, of course).


If you not familiar with the "Slaughter" games yet, this is the time to give it a try.