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May 2, 2018
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Slaughter 2: Prison Assaul is a shooter available on iOS. This is the second part in the Slaughter series - Slaughter 2: Prison Assault. We are considering version 1.4, in which, as the developer claims, many changes.
The protagonist is Special Forces soldier Rick Harter, whose squadron was triggered by an emergency signal from the prison complex. Upon arrival, it turns out that the whole city together with the prison has long been captured by prisoners and psychiatrists from the psychiatric ward of the prison. The civilians were killed, the guards and orderlies found their end even earlier ... And the current inhabitants armed themselves with what they could and decided to arrange a small branch of hell in prison. Arriving to the aid of the special forces suddenly were captured, imprisoned in cells and waiting for release.
In the game, the hero will have to go through the whole prison complex to suppress the uprising and save Dave Wilson, the only sane prisoner who is the main witness of the insurgency and who has to hide from the rest of the prisoners for the fact that he turned on the emergency signal and summoned the special forces.
On the path of the player, the mysterious leader of the prisoners, whom they call "Tsantsa", will stand forever, for the strange form of his mask. The destruction of this leader is also the second main task of the operation.

The game
The second part of the game became closer to the classic action. Puzzles, as in the first part, almost no, the plot is quite linear. The levels have become longer and have become much larger, although not so long as to get tired of running around them. Well entourage is well traced. The game has many secrets. There are many new enemies with a significantly improved AI, each enemy differs in its own behavior. To each one you can find your method of victory.
For example, a huge man with a shield made him just immortal, but it turned out that he just had to take a frontal impact, not typical for shooters. There are assistants who need to be released. The balance of power in the game is made well, developers can not be reproached for this. Levels of difficulty are adequate: The first level for dating, the rest are for the game itself. If you get used to the rather comfortable minimalistic game controls, then it's very pleasant to pass the game. The gameplay is flat, the number of FPS does not fall behind the edge of smooth playback, it seems that over the optimization of graphics worked. Avaitable as a kind from the third person, and visas from the first person for those who are used to classics. Animation unexpectedly high-quality, atypical for INDI games.
In the latest update, 1.4, the developers added a new game mode - ASSAULT. In this case, the main goal here is to survive and destroy all the enemies running behind the player. The regime is complex, but after passing the main game is very interesting and exciting. In this mode, many new weapons have been added, large multi-level locations have been made, and new enemies have appeared. A good addition for a successful product.
A good quality shooter with good animation, a variety of locations, a lot of weapons and the presence of black humor. A huge plus that the game is not a donat. You can recommend that amateurs shoot.

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