Silk Case for iPhone X Part 1 - It's not Silk on Your Phone

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Nov 12, 2012
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Silk Innovations is a pretty cool case maker out of Austin, TX. They have a fun personality and they recently sent me four cases for the iPhone X; two wallet style cases and two more traditional style cases.


I’ll be breaking the review down into two parts to compare the cases within each style. Consider this Part 1 - All About the Money.

Quick disclaimer: All cases from Silk include a screen protector, but I didn’t try any of them. It’s not really practical for me to try out four different screen protectors for the purposes of this review and I really didn’t want to remove the one I’m currently using so don’t hate me. I will say that from just holding and looking at them, I wasn’t that impressed. It’s cool that they included them though so you at least have something if want to use it.

Silk iPhone X Wallet Cases

I HATE carrying around a huge wallet. Like, for real. I was sooooo excited when my brother got me one of those double wallets for Christmas a couple years ago that has a big wallet for the cash and infrequently used cards, and a small, credit card sized part for carrying around just your ID and the few cards you actually use - talk about a game changer. I absolutely do not understand why guys feel the need to carry around massive bricks in their pockets. Not to mention how they do so without developing some sort of lower-back issues from sitting on them all the time. I mean seriously, how much of that crap do you use on a regular basis? Maybe it’s a generational thing.

The trend of smaller wallets has started to become a thing, at least among many of my friends, and it makes sense that it would translate somehow into the smartphone world. Wallet cases have been a thing for years now and Silk has a couple of pretty decent versions of their own. Enter the Vault Slim Wallet and the Q Card Case for iPhone X, aka, “Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.”

Vault Slim Wallet for iPhone X - Wallet Slayer Volume 1

For those who keep it all together, and for those who don’t.

The Good Stuff

The Vault Slim Wallet Case (Vol. 1) is pretty much like it sounds, a wallet case for your iPhone X. There’s not a whole lot to this case really. The original or more popular “wallet” style cases have a flap that folds over onto the screen that holds your credit cards and such. The Vault Slim (yeah, I’m gonna shorten the name for this review) is more like a traditional protective iPhone case but with a slot cut into the back for holding the contents of your wallet. Silk claims that the case will hold 3 cards plus some cash (“For the 3 people who still carry cash”) but you can sneak 4 cards in there without the cash. You may not get four in there if they all have those raised numbers on them like a lot of credit cards but three will still fit just fine.


The case offers fairly decent protection for the phone as well. While it’s not the most protective case you can find, it should help with minor drops and slips. Of course, if the phone lands on one of those infamous sweet spots, no case in the world will protect it then. Silk says the design includes four “air pockets” in the corners to offer even greater security from drops but I wasn’t interested in testing that theory. I’ll leave that to someone else. I wouldn’t be super worried about having your phone in this case though. Again, it’s not going to protect from everything, but a pocket fall or hand slip every now and then should be ok.

Beyond the wallet portion, the rest of the case is pretty straightforward. The buttons are covered and click just fine (Silk even claims improved tactile response...yeah, I couldn’t tell). The mute switch is left open and is easily accessible just like the lightning port. The grip on the side is more textured than the one on the back but it’s not the grippiest I’ve seen. It won’t slide out of your hand though so no worries there. There is a lip on the front as well which will keep the screen off of the table when you lay it face down. All pretty typical stuff. I am also happy to report that wireless charging will work perfectly fine with this case, at least it did on my Samsung wireless charger (I know, I know, don’t judge me), but there’s no reason to believe that it won’t work with others too. The case comes in four colors: Black Onyx, Crimson Red, Blue Jade, and Purple Orchid.


The Not So Good

There’s a few things I wasn’t too keen on about this case. First, the materials. The rubber feels a tad cheap, but it’s not a deal-breaker. Second, the wallet portion is permanently raised from the back, meaning that if there’s nothing in there then it may feel a bit awkward in your hand. Again, not a deal-breaker, but somewhat annoying. Third, the case was surprisingly loose on the phone. I mean the phone never fell out of the case, but the sides of the case pull away from the phone a bit farther and easier than they should. It’s not really a protection concern, but it just means that the design could have been a bit tighter.

  • Wallet holds enough to make it usable
  • Inexpensive
  • Decent texturing and protection

  • Rubber feels cheap
  • Wallet slot is permanently raised so you’ll feel it without cards in there
  • Fit is looser than I would want it to be


The Vault Slim Case is $14.99. Not bad for what you’re getting.

Q Card Case for iPhone X - Wallet Slayer Volume 2

Keep it Classy.

The Good Stuff

The Q Card Case (Vol. 2) is similar in concept to the Vault Slim, but with a few upgrades. The most noticeable difference is that the wallet portion of the case is actually a separate piece of material sewn into the case instead of just a raised portion of the case. This piece is actually inserted into the case meaning that it doesn’t stick out, nor it’s not raised off of the back which helps keep the back flat-I like that. The Q Card Case is also slimmer all around than the Vault Wallet Case which to me offers a better feel in the hand. Silk claims the the Q Card Case will hold the same amount of cards as the Vault Slim, but that wasn’t true for me. I was only able to fit about 2 cards and some cash comfortably in the pocket. Without the case, I was able to get 3 but it was a tight fit. The material should loosen up a bit after a few weeks, but I’ve only had mine a week or so so I couldn’t verify that.


One really cool additional feature of the Q Card Case is the inclusion of a kickstand. Ok it’s not an actual kickstand so-to-speak, but there is a notch next to the wallet portion where you can insert one of your cards and prop the phone up on its side wherever you are! It’s pretty nifty and it actually works fairly well! If you’re in public, I would recommend using a gift card or something, or be sure not to face the card out cuz then your credit card number is just sitting out there for the world to see. Be vigilant folks.

Most everything else matches my thoughts from the Vault Slim. It also allows for wireless charging as well. The Q Card Case comes in three colors: Black Onyx, Crimson Red, and Blue Jade.


The Not So Good

Most of the things I wasn’t a huge fan of on the Volume 1 are carried over here. The rubber material that is used is the same as on the Vault Slim which means it’s the same cheap-feeling stuff. The wallet pouch in the Q Card (Volume 2) is flush with the case so that’s a definite improvement but the fit is still looser than I would like. Again, it’s not going to fall out, but it really should be a bit tighter than it is.

  • Wallet portion is flush with rest of the case
  • Kickstand is novel feature and it works
  • Slimmer and a better feel in the hand

  • A little less protection than the Vault Slim
  • Still looser fit than it should be
  • More expensive than the Vault Slim

The Q Card Case is $24.99. A little more expensive, but the better design and kickstand feature are worth it.


You can pick up both cases from Silk’s website here.
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