Silenced notifications not showing on lock screen in Do Not Disturb


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Dec 7, 2010
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Hi all,

I feel like I'm going crazy. I got the iPhone 13 Pro Max. I also have an iPhone 12 Pro Max. The former is on iOS 15, the latter on iOS 14. The Do Not Disturb settings are as identical as they can be, specifically the Lock Screen > Silenced Notifications > Show On Lock Screen toggle is set to "On." I've noticed that far fewer notifications are show on my 13 vs my 12, with all the same apps installed & signed in, with all notification settings otherwise the same.

For example, when a Twitch streamer I follow goes live, if I check my 12's lock screen, I see the notification. But on the 13, nothing. However, some apps, like NYT, seem to work fine.

This leads me to conclude there's either an iOS 13 bug OR there's something the app developers need to implement in iOS 13 in regards to silenced notifications being visible (though that would seem an odd thing to require individual devs to handle).

Is it just me? Am I missing something? Again, all settings are otherwise identical, including the hardware silence switch (which is set to on for both).