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Feb 14, 2014
******* The easiest way to sign a document on your iPhone or iPad . PAY ONCE AND USE ON BOTH YOUR iPhone/iPod and iPad! *****

Signature Pro, the universal iOS app that makes signing and sending back email documents quick and easy.

Signature Pro is the simple and elegant way to scan and sign your documents.

Once installed, Signature Pro appears in the "Open In..." list on your device. This lets you save a PDF document from Mail, Dropbox, and many other applications on your iPhone , iPod and iPad that supports "Open In" function.

Signature Pro opens the document and allows you to both write directly on the document or draw a text box to type text anywhere on the document.

Once you are finished with your signature, simply touch the send button to send the document back as an attached PDF file.

Signature Pro will work with almost any document type PDF or images. You can send signed documents back in a single email.

Use Signature Pro to sign and complete important documents such as consulting agreements, NDAs, sales real estate contracts, financing agreements and more...

The Signature Pro app saves you from the laborious process of printing, signing and scanning.

? Import any PDF from your email or Google Drive or take a picture of the document you need to have signed.
? signature with your finger. Looks just like an ink signature.
? Share Via email, send the signed document to the desired recipient(s).
? Printing via AirPrint

Key Features:
? Universal app that works on all iOS devices.
? Easy to use
? Works in any device orientation
? Multiple pen color choices .Multiple text sizes and easy movement of typed text
? Built with one of the best handwritten signature technologies in the App Store
? Easily move, rotate and resize your texts and drawings
? For each Sign and drawing, set the width, the color
? Pan and Zoom
? Multiple Undos : if you want to remove sign just Double tap to delete sign.
? Fingertip document signing
? Edit any PDF or photo to add text or signature
? Sign unlimited documents
? PDFs generated for sending have your Signature embedding into the base image of the document for increased security
? Storage of all sent documents for easy retrieval
? Print document on iOS 4.2 or later
? Export PDFs to your DropBox or any other Apps that can accept PDFs
? Work on your PDF documents stored on Dropbox just like your local files
? All scanned and Signed document are produced as industry-standard PDF files
? Scan a document with camera
? Open PDF files directly from your inbox
? Signed documents are imported back into your email to make sending easy
? Using the capture screen, add a drawing or smooth handwriting
? All processing happens on your iPhone and iPad, and the confidentiality of your data is never compromised (no Internet connection needed.)

? "Open In" option allows user too open signed file in any other Installed app in iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

? Printing via AirPrint
? Print scanned documents. If the document needs to be printed, send it to any printer nearby.
? PDF Merging Option let user combine multiple PDF Scanned Document into One PDF Document. (No Limit Of PDF Files to Combine )
? The build-in PDF Merger feature is a professional but easy PDF file combiner designed to merge multiple PDF files. With it you can combine multiple PDF files in order to create a new single PDF file.
? USB file transfer (iTunes file sharing).

? Privacy : Set password so no one can see your confidential files.

Simple usage and touch gestures:
- Double tap to delete sign.
- Rotate/Resize them with two fingers by stretching or pinching via multitouch.
- Adjust sign position according to view (many documents have a signature line) using one finger.

How to Scan with This App :
? Make sure your document is flat and well lit. 
Use flash in low light conditions, but avoid glare with glossy documents

Download :


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Jan 8, 2012
Thank you for introducing your app to the iMore community, and hopefully, many of our members will give it a try and provide feedback, both good and bad. In the meantime, take some time to get familiar with the App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines as well as the members of this community whom you just introduced your app to. Take care…:)


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Jan 14, 2011
Welcome to iMore and thank you for bring to us a well presented app. I am sure our members will enjoy it and wish you the best of luck with it.:)

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