Should you buy an Apple Watch in 2022?


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Aug 27, 2021
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I owned the S6 then after 9 months I traded it in for the S7 right after that was released. I’m not the most experienced Apple Watch user but I have some experience. Here’s my two cents to add to the article:
What I use it for:
-Numerous health tracking. Except to activate ecg or my workout sessions, health metrics is not something I look at frequently. The watch will tell you if your measurements have taken a recent substantial change or if you need to walk or standup. But I do check once and a while out of curiosity. Take a look and see if there’s a negative trend. Strong suggestion: if weight or blood pressure are something you want to track, get devices that send results right to the health app. Logging this data manually is too open for missing the data. Make this process as easy as possible.
-music changing and volume control for AirPods Pro. Very Occasionally for TV control
-alerts for call, messages, even weather. Taking the call or answering the message when phone is away.
-For Home and my smart appliances, alerts my laundry is ready for the dryer or is ready to be hung up.
when I drive away from my home, it answers did my garage door close? Alert if it’s opening at an odd time.
-Left Behind: keys/AirTagged items, iPhone, other Apple devices. The watch being on your wrist dummy proofs items being left behind or “walking” away
-in conjunction with Apple Maps, watch haptics are actually quite a nice benefit especially when there are multiple turn possibilities very close together (pulses tell you take this turn).
-alerts on hearing. I’m playing the stereo loudly in the car as I’m driving. Watch tells me my sound exposure at that level has been too long. Rarely I use watch to check decibel level of a sound.
-waking up to the haptics on the watch is much better than an audible alarm imho.

I don’t use Apple Pay on the watch. I use the iPhone for that.
I don’t put in a case (knock on wood).
Silicone strap is best for workouts or swimming etc. aesthetically pleasing less so for strenuous activity but they bring great style.
Big suggestion: get in a daily watch charging cycle. Mine is on the charger during Morning shower and coffee break. My S7 gets full charge during this time. (Do a quick charge if needed but consider your watch a daily charge item. If I don’t stick to the daily charging routine, I find it out of juice at inopportune times.


Mar 2, 2016
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When the Apple Watch was first released, I couldn’t imagine why I would ever want one let alone have one! Now, I can’t imagine life without one! I use it for health tracking, for tracking, for texting/answering my iPhone when it’s not with me. I love it for the timers and alarms, for keeping track when severe weather is happening. I appreciate the fall detection and other emergency features.

So, yes, if you are needing to upgrade, and if you can afford one, then yes, you should buy one IMHO!


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Apr 6, 2016
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We’re happy with our 6’s.

I’ll grab a 14 Pro Max when it launches and a new iPad Pro next year.

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