Should I update to iOS8?


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Should I update to ios8

Have heard that updating make take a long time or I might have to delete some apps to accommodate space. Is this true??


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Sep 14, 2014
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Re: Should I update to ios8

Well yes in order to update to iOS 8 just like all other iOS's, you must have a certain amount of GB space free on your device. I think its was 4.8GB you need to have free if I remember correctly. Go to your Settings>General>About and check your Availability space, if it is not at 4.8ish GB then you need to remove some content from your device. You can see whats taking up the most space in Settings>General>Usage>Manage Storage. For me I just removed the music from my iPhone, then I did the update, once it was installed, I added my music back on. It can take some time, maybe 15 minutes sometimes longer. I ALWAYS recommend, and so does Apple, that you make a back up, either iTunes or iCloud or both, before doing your update, JUST in case you lose anything or something goes wrong. You can update two ways, via the phone itself or using iTunes on the computer.


Mar 11, 2013
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Re: Should I update to ios8

You can also update your device thru iTunes which will not require you to delete any data from your device