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Should i update my mac mini early 2009 to Yosemite?


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I have an early 2009 Mac Mini 2MHz Core 2 Duo w/2GB RAM. I will be using this exclusively as a dedicated machine to operate a security system using some used iPhones as cameras. The Mac Mini won't be used for anything else. The product I'm using is iCam and the related apps, and it needs minimum 10.7 to operate. I installed 10.7 already and ordered 8GB RAM that I will be installing next week. I'm considering installing 10.10, but I've read on the internet that it slows my machine down. However, I've not seen any articles that test the performance specific to my machine, nor have I seen a tremendous amount of negative comments; really just a few considering how many Mac Mini's there must be out there.

So, does anyone have any real experience upgrading to Yosemite on a 2009-ish Mac Mini? Good and bad comments are appreciated. Thanks.


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Oct 22, 2010
Yosemite is fine on my circa mid 2008 MacBook Pro... If you decide to give it a go - make sure you've got a good TimeCapsule backup to restore from if you don't like it.