Should I get the iPad Pro 11 inch or keep using my iPad Air 2 for another year??


Apr 30, 2016
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Hey everyone, I am thinking of getting the iPad Pro 11 inch 256GB model for my Birthday. :D:D

But the problem is that I have a 3 year old iPad Air 2 64GB model which it is definitely still going very strong, very fast in loading up apps, games and websites and I am still getting a least 8 to 10 hours of screen on time(100% to 5%), so the battery life is still very good.

I use my iPad Air 2 every single day and the Air 2 is definitely still more then good enough for things that I do on the iPad like browsing the Internet, watching videos and playing the occasional game and that all what I pretty much do on the Air 2 at the moment, very basic uses, so I would be happy to use my iPad Air 2 for another year. :)

On the other hand though, to be honest, I am hesitant using my iPad Air 2 for another year because I am on IOS 9.3.4 and the problem that I am having is that most of the apps and games that I would really really like to install but I can't unfortunately because it always says that the app/game requires IOS 10 or later which it is definitely not good at tall and is definitely very very annoying and frustrating to say a least. :eek:

To be honest I really don't understand why Apple allow this to happen in the 1st place because on Android and Windows you can install any program/app/game no matter what OS version you are on, So Apple really really definitely should do the same, that is the only one thing that I hate about Apple.

The reason that I am still on IOS 9.3.4 is that I want my iPad to still be very fast and smooth in terms of performance and I definitely don't want my Air 2 to slow down and become laggy because of the new features that Apple have added especially in IOS 11(Dock, File manager, improved multitasking)and want to be able to keep using my classic 32 bit apps/games that you won't get on IOS 12 anymore, but honestly not be able to install any more apps/games might really get to me at the end and annoy/frustrate me too much which could be a bigger bigger problem in the future.

For me I definitely prefer and value to have very very fast and smooth performance then having new features that will most probably slow down the Air 2, So I am very very hesitate to upgrade to IOS 12 just in case it slows down my iPad Air 2 a lot but I might have no choice but to upgrade to IOS 12 in order to install new apps and games if I don't get the iPad Pro 11 inch. :confused:

On a a lot more positive note, So by upgrading to IOS 12 on my iPad Air 2 will definitely make it and feel like a completely new tablet/iPad again which it will be definitely be awesome because I have had my Air 2 on IOS 9.3.4 for over 2 years now and it definitely feels always the same. :)

Anyway since the new 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch model came out couple months ago, I really really wanted to buy the iPad Pro 2018 because it will definitely definitely be a massive massive upgrade in everything(bigger display, very fast/powerful, bigger battery, USB-C, lots more) and is so much more better tablet then my iPad Air 2. :D:D

If I do get the iPad Pro 11 inch 256GB model, I would definitely only be getting just the tablet, I won't be getting the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio not at 1st anyway but might still get it in the future though but I am definitely not getting the Apple Pencil 2 because I absolutely have no use for it, I am no artist or anything like that, not really interested in drawing, designing, things like that.

It seems that according to reviews from lots of users and from big tech websites such as CNET, The Verge and lots more that the iPad Pro 11 inch is definitely the ultimate iPad and a beast of a tablet!!

Just to say if I do not get the iPad Pro 11 inch and do keep using my iPad Air 2 for a least another year then I will definitely be upgrading to a definitely so much more better and more powerful iPad next year(for my next Birthday), I definitely know that for sure!!

So I definitely have a very big big decision to make in the near future, weather to get the iPad Pro 11 inch 256GB model or keep using my iPad Air 2 64GB model for a least another year.

Everyone, Should I get the iPad Pro 11 inch or keep using my iPad Air 2 for another year?? What would you do?? Should I upgrade to IOS 12 on my iPad Air 2 if I don't get the iPad Pro 11 inch?? o_Oo_O
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Mar 2, 2016
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Well, for what it's worth, I'm still using my iPad Air 2. It's working great, and I am running the latest version of iOS 12. I don't notice any issues with speed. Admittedly, I've been very tempted by the newer models. I'm not convinced that I need one of the Pro models, but that doesn't mean I don't want one! I considered the iPad that came out in March of 2018, but for right now, have decided to sit tight. There's always going to be a newer model out there, and while I'm intrigued, and sometimes envious of those who have them, I just can't justify spending that kind of money when my Air 2 is still taking care of my needs wonderfully!

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