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we have had iphones at work for about 4 years now. and I had all my team members and my supervisors cell numbers in my favorites tab on the phone app.

well recently our company switched to outlook for email and skype business for chatting. this change synced the corporate phone book to our phones so all my team members and supervisors contacts in my phone had their "work" number added which is just the 800 number to our customer service line and this number became the default number in my favorites tab. I have tried editing the contacts to remove that number but it shows right back up. I have even removed them all from favorites and went back in and when selecting add to favorites, under the phone I click the drop down and choose mobile but it still sets the work number as the favorite to call.

does anyone know how to fix this so I can get it to default to the mobile number?



Oct 2, 2013
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Welcome to iMore. Removing the outlook email from their contact card might work. Or, depending on how many you really need as a favorite, set up a separate contact card with only their number. I'm not really sure how the corporate thing works. Most info that is added to a contact card is from the email. You could add the email in the Notes section.