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Series 2: Can't remove app from dock


New member
Dec 5, 2015
Just got my S2 about an hour ago and got it all set up (that process went quickly). This is going to be a fun device to use and own.

But when I had pushed the side button to access the dock, the "now playing" app was in the dock when I did not put it there. When I go to swipe up on the screen to remove it, it will pop right back into the dock. Trying to access the watch app from my iPhone 7 plus and remove it that way didn't work either.

I'd like to remove it since i'm not using it currently and I imagine it will save a bit on the battery.

Any ideas on what could be happening here?


Apple Watch and AirPod Champion, Ambassador
Nov 2, 2009
The Now Playing dock app is not one you can remove. Neither from the watch or from the watch app on the phone.