Saving/deleting pictures in iphone5 albums

Andrei 1

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Nov 21, 2012
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Hi. Can anybody help me pls? I created a new album in my phone5, then i moved some pictures into it, but the phone just made doubles, i wanted to delete those pictures in the original album and i get thie messege that pictures would be deleted in all albums. Is there a way to save pictures in a newly created album without saving them in the album that came with the phone? Second question: when taking a picture why the phone does not ask to which album i want to save it to? I think it would make more sense if there was an option like that. Looking forward to hearing from you regarding this issue.


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Feb 9, 2010
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You're misunderstanding how albums work in iOS. You don't have copies of photos, just different ways of sorting them?the albums are basically just shortcuts.

The photos app works just like iTunes does with playlists: you have one big library, and your Albums (like playlists) are just a way to organize the photos (like songs).

Think of it this way: if in iTunes you add a song to a playlist and then delete it from your library, it will also delete it from the playlist, because a playlist is just a way of organizing songs?not a way to move them or make copies of songs. Same thing with Photos on iOS.