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Saving call number on Iphone


New member
Apr 5, 2012
Please can someone help me to solve this issue.
When I try to call a single number on Iphone it will be displayed like this: 123 4567 8900. Also this happens when i try to save a number. Can someone help to fix this issue as it will be display the number not splitted 12345678900 - when you call someone or when you save it?

Thank you



New member
Apr 28, 2009
It may actually be a network thing. The reason I asked initially, is I've had (and seen) similar issues when switching between GSM and CDMA networks. The CDMA networks refused to hang onto the +1 because the network never intended you to leave your own country and therefore would never need the +1. If you had the +1 in your phonebook already from switching from a GSM network, it would screw up dialing.

If it's simply a display issue, as long as you can save and use the number, just don't let it bother you.