Santa Hammer - Free iOS Game


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Jan 9, 2013
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An evil genius, Professor Flick, has employed some pesky robots to steal all the Christmas presents. Can Santa defeat the thieving automatons? Will the presents be saved?

It's a festive battle of wits, gifts, and giants marbles that flatten Santa like a pancake.

Santa Hammer is a cute, fun little game that allows you to move Santa left and right defending gift boxes from the evil mini robots. Added obstacles are also thrown into the mix that can squash and flatten Santa.

Additional stages can be opened by collecting golden snowflakes. And you can upgrade Santa too - You can unlock Magnum or Zhor Santa that possess snazzier moves and actions - Santa can get speedy shoes, invulnerability or even go berserk!

There are three different backgrounds to play against - play in the mall, the mansion or in outer space.In total there are 30 achievements you can strive for, e.g. kicking the gift box 20 times, destroy 50 robots.

Santa's pretty nimble and nifty in this app, like a little rotund action super-hero with a wooden style mallet. Good fun.

Get it now for free :

❤ 3 playable santas with different special attacks.
❤ 3 playable magnificent backgrounds.
❤ 3 obstacles & 8 cute evil robots
❤ 30 achievements.