Samsung's "space zoom" moon photos may be fake, claims Reddit post


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Nov 7, 2012
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Not again, Samsung keeps faking features and benchmarks while crippling thier phones. Guess they never learn.


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Aug 27, 2021
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Seriously? Hello…this isn’t a “claim”, it is a fact, period. Beyond that fact is two arguments: first, is this simply par for the course for modern AI-computational photography? Second, Samsung heavily marketed this as lens/camera technology, is that deceitful?

-Fact: the testing is done, it is a fact. Using specific testing conditions, you can put a substantially blurred moon pic on a computer screen and take that pic with the S23 Ultra. The pic turns out a highly detailed pic of the moon. Like ‘wow, good moon pic’. Except That is a 100% lens/camera impossibility. It is not possible. No amount of mega millions of pixels, image overlaying, focal speed etc could every physically change that. Unfortunately tech bloggers look lazy when they don’t research the basics of something. Samsung is using computation (not lens, not camera) to insert detail nit gained from the lens/camera. The S23 has recognized/confirmed it is the moon, and it is computationally drawing in the pic based on preprogrammed moon details.
-Is it deceitful: lol, seriously? Yes It is definitely deceitful of Samsung. They never should have associated their moon photography with lens or camera. OTOH simply Saying they have moon imaging enhancement would be ok IMHO. But they tried to use their big zoom and moon enhancement as one technology. Deceitful!
-par for the course for AI/computational photography? Either yes ot it is coming. this is the fortunate or unfortunate reality. Smartphone cameras recognize a subject and will now, or eventually, use a reference picture database to fill in the details. You’ll never take a bad “picture”. Imho it comes down to the difference between wanting to capture what you see at the moment versus wanting a visual keepsake of the moment. If you want a visual keepsake of the moment, AI photography is something you’ll appreciate. A picture of you with El Capitan behind you? It’ll take already digitized references of you, already digitized references of El Capitan, draw a really nice ‘picture style. artwork image for you, one that’ll look amazingly real. That’s a plus. The minus is you didn’t have to take the pic, it can all be done via a reference database. Good? Hard to say

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