Same songs being copied when I sync


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Jun 18, 2009
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With the present version and previous version of iTunes I notice that 3 songs from
1 CD are constantly being copied to my iPad 3, iOS ver. 6.0.1 and to my iPhone 5, iOS
ver 6.0.2.

When I look at the the album after I sync the songs are there.

Now a couple of months ago I was infected with a phishing virus. It came in an
EMAIL from a B&B my daughter and husband were going to stay in. The phish
started when I opened iTunes the next time after receiving the EMAIL.

The phish stated that 3 songs were missing from iTunes and asked if I wanted to re-download
them from the iTune's store. Of course I wanted them back on my iDevice. When I went to
re-download the songs the iTunes store said there was a problem with my credit card. All the time
I was not being very observant. Well I entered my credit card info and I thought everything was
good until my credit card company EMAILed me to verify an online purchase. Thats when I realized
I had been phished.

I immediately notified the credit card company and was sent a new card.
I also started using a virus checker on my iMac, ClamXav. It found the bad EMAIl and
quarantined the EMAIL.

But as said said at the beginning I noticed that the 3 songs that were missing during the
phishing attack are re-copied every time I sync both my iPad 3 and my iPhone 5.

Does this mean I still have the part of the phishing virus on my iMac? Also since Nov 2012
I have been receiving infected EMAIL from the same credit card company. I didn't take notice to this
until I was on vacation during the holidays. I notified the credit card company and have since turned off
confirmation EMAILs from being sent.

Could the constant re-syncing of the 3 songs still be related to the previous phish attack?


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Oct 22, 2010
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Do you use iTunes Match? Could be that it is confused... from time to time, I notice a few things happen like that for a time, then it goes away... and I also seem to see "genius mix" items seem to repeatedly sync... could also be a "nature of the beast" thing... I'm not terribly concerned about it.


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Jun 18, 2009
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I don't use either iTunes Match or genius mix BUUT I will check 1st thing when I get home to make sure that they are disabled.
Thanks for the info.

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