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RPG FInal Emblem is coming :)


Jul 26, 2010
"Final Emblem" New Action Adventure RPG Coming Soon!


Final Emblem


The Kingdom of Lacoia was entering a time of chaos, various regions in the kingdom were haunted by monsters, and the kingdom became increasingly dysfunctional.

The enemy nations in the North and South sought to overtake the Kingdom of Lacoia as disorder continued to spread throughout the land.

As a mighty warrior and sworn protector of the Kingdom of Lacoia, Alen establishes a camp on the Western border of Lacoia. With the fate of his country in his hands, Alen, with the assistance of Lacoia?s battle commander, is thrown into a campaign to save the Kingdom of Lacoia as it struggles from crumbling and falling into enemy hands.

Expansive Gameplay!
Loads of Options!
Gameplay over 3G or WiFi!

Final Emblem tells the story of Alen Pist, a powerful warrior of Lacoia, as he confronts the calamity in his country. Join him and feel the excitement during gameplay as you control and use various skills and items to protect the Kingdom of Lacoia.

The game features a variety of costumes, equipment, leveling up, equipment modifications, and rank strengthening in various modes. Once you start playing the game, the powerful and thrilling story will make it hard to turn away from protecting and saving the Kingdom of Lacoia.

In this season, both 3G and WiFi access is available, with the keypad located horizontally at the bottom of the screen. Gameplay is easy and fun. You won?t be able to keep yourself away!

VNJOY Entertainment Group for more updates and more upcoming games.
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