Rogers flat-out refuses to tell anyone their 3G[s] special pricings


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Jan 4, 2009
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Rogers will sell the iPhone 3G for the same prices as AT&T on a 3 year contract. However, I did a little research and called Rogers customer support.

I called to ask what the price would be for someone who bought the iPhone 3G back on July 11th, 2008. They said that Rogers chooses not to disclose this information to anyone until June 19th! I told him that ATT has already released their early upgrade pricing, and that this is ridiculous. He said that is just how Rogers runs their business and it is better for marketing.

"Better for marketing"; does this mean they are hoping to sucker line-waiters into paying twice as much as they thought by tacking it onto their bill? Does this mean their no-commitment and early-upgrade pricing is ridiculous?

The only reason I want iPhone 3G is because of the faster processor and ram, the 32GB storage(more movies! yum), and the new graphics. My 16GB iPhone 3G is brand new and was just registered for dev program so next year I'll be able to preview OS 4.0.. that's the only reason I'm tempted to just keep it.

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