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Sep 29, 2012
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Hi everybody,

We at Code Noctis are proud to introduce our very first Unity game: RoboFail!
The game is already approved by, and is available on, the App Store.
Currently its an iPad game but the universal version is submitted for review and should be available by next week,

Since this all is new to us, we really would appreciate any and all feedback !
Especially if you have any advice on the marketing of the game - we don't really have any experience with it?

Needless to say, if you have any questions regarding the game do not hesitate to ask.


Players take the role of a destruction expert called in by the troubled management of a robot manufacturing plant. The expert is faced with a challenge: a conveyor belt is carrying a constant stream of robots to the packing area. Due to the malfunction in the main assembly line, the plant is randomly churning out defective robots along with the regular ones.

The player needs to pick the defective robots from the conveyor belt and blast them off into the jaws of the recycling unit below. At the same time, he must also ensure that the good robots pass unharmed. Unfortunately, with robots that explode on impact, armoured units and defective magnetic robots that can pull good robots with them, the challenge is not an easy one! The player can choose from an arsenal of ?tools? fit for the job: a catapult, a laser or an explosive mine. These can also be upgraded by progressing through the levels and new challenges.

Website : RoboFail
App store link : RoboFail voor iPad in de iTunes App Store
PressKit link :

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