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Dec 25, 2011
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Rhinoshield is a top name in protection, slim protection even. Rhinoshield offers different styles of protection as well, from the CrashGuard bumper, the PlayProof and PlayProof custom full body cases, screen and back protectors, and the SolidSuit full body case. The difference between the PlayProof lines and the SolidSuit line is a fine line. What it comes down to is the material the cases are made of. While the PlayProof offers a polycarbonate body and the PlayProof custom allows a choice of designs, the SolidSuit has marble, brushed steel, carbon fiber, and leather on previous models. To be fair, the leather models are vegan leather, and I'm not entirely sure how much marble is in the cases, or even how real the carbon fiber is. One other difference between the PlayProof and SolidSuit is the feel. The grip on the PlayProof leaves much to be desired, I even use a Pop Socket on my own, while the SolidSuit makes you think it's better than it is. What I mean is that the grip feels a lot more solid out of the box, however, even throughout the first day you'll notice it becomes slicker. The SolidSuit still has some grip to it, more than the PlayProof, but it could still be better. This is where it would be nice to have the leather variant for the iPhone 7/7S models, as even the vegan leather offers a much better feel and more grip.



So what it is that makes the SolidSuit shine? The same thing that makes all Rhinoshield cases shine. The protection. All Rhinoshield cases are rated for eleven-foot drop protection, however, most durability tests by reviewers show a much higher level of protection for an extended period of time. The SolidSuit cutouts are well done, there is a lip that extends past the camera to protect it, and a good lip over the screen as well for added protection. The buttons on the SolidSuit are also surprisingly tactile even though I wish they were softer to the touch and a little slimmer. Speaker and microphone cutouts are great and line up well, even the mute switch cutout is a little wider this time around and is easy to use. No need to worry about third party cables or docks either, as the cutout is wide enough to allow for all of them. There is one thing I really don't like about my SolidSuit and I'm not sure if mine is weird or if it's going to be on all the cases, and that is how tight the fit of the case is. To be clear, it's nice that the case is tight, it's just that it's ridiculously difficult to put on. The lip that covers the screen likes to fold under the phone while installing and has to be pried out from underneath. Once it's on, it's fine, it's just annoying to put on my phone.


* Lightweight
* Relatively cheap
* Great protection

* Difficult to put on
* Not a lot of grip
* Buttons could be more comfortable


The bottom line is Evolutive Labs makes some of the most affordable and protective cases you can buy for your phones with the Rhinoshield cases. The SolidSuit is no exception. Whether or not they are all hard to put on or not, the SolidSuit offers enough grip with the protection to be well worth it's $35 price tag. That's right, $35, when the average phone case is around $40. You can buy the SolidSuit in Marble, Brushed Steel, or Carbon Fiber for the iPhone 7 line from Evolutive Labs here.
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Jan 8, 2012
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If I were into cases, I'd be tempted to give it a try......Anyway, thank you for another terrific review, sir.

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