Rhinoshield SolidSuit Carbon Fiber Finish Case and Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 7 Plus


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Apr 2, 2014
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Rhinoshield SolidSuit Carbon Fiber Finish Case and Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 7 Plus


-Nicely understated design
-Great attention to detail
-11' drop protection
-Compact form factor (for the provided level of drop protection)
-Minimalistic look
-No logos

-Lip is a little small with tempered glass screen protector installed
-Grip could be a little better


The Rhinoshield SolidSuit is a stylish minimalistic slim case with great (11’) drop protection. In addition to SolidSuit, Rhinoshield offers a CrashGuard Bumper and a PlayProof case. The CrashGuard Bumper is only as thick as three stacked credit cards and adds very little weight, yet gives 3 meter drop protection. PlayProof offers either a matte design, or you can have it personalized with a quote or with a jersey style design. Finally, the SolidSuit is more about textures, offering the feel of brushed steel, marble, and, in my case (pardon the pun), a carbon fiber finish.

How does it compare to the competition? Read on and find out!

Protection & Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The Rhinoshield SolidSuit case is just slightly thicker and heavier than your “standard” cases, yet provides 11’ impact protection! Rhinoshield claims that their hard polycarbonate outer layer is designed to stand up to all kinds of stress as well as drops and impacts, while the inner layer is made up of a special blend of polymers and molded into a hexagonal structure which helps to absorb and presumably dissipate the impact.

The Rhinoshield tempered glass screen protector is offered in white and black, and perfectly complements their cases. The screen protector is edge-to-edge, and mates right up to the top edge of the case. It also has an oleophobic coating which resists fingerprints, making it easy to clean, and also makes it smoother to touch. I have used cheap screen protectors before and usage on this Rhinoshield tempered glass screen protector feels better than others that I have used. I like it even better than more expensive ones which I have used. I would also go out on a limb, and say that this is the best tempered glass screen protector I have used. The lip of the case is a bit small with the Rhinoshield tempered glass screen protector installed. While the lip is adequate to provide protection while the phone is face down, it won’t be enough if dropped face first on uneven terrain. Of course, the tempered glass screen protector should provide some protection against face drops, so this isn’t really a huge deal. Rhinoshield also offers an impact protection screen protector, for those who need more protection from face drops.


Fitment, Feel, and First Impressions

Rhinoshield did a fantastic job designing this case. It feels like they got the tolerances just right, and this case really fits like a glove! This case may be just carbon fiber look, but it really looks and feels near authentic. I have had other carbon fiber look cases, and this is the best I have seen and felt. It honestly feels like Rhinoshield spent a lot of time designing and perfecting this case, more so than other cases in its price range. Another example would be the curved transition between the carbon fiber and rubber parts of the case, which has a nice curved detail. I tend to be a bit nitpicky over minor details, and really, I couldn’t find anywhere where they took a shortcut, which is a rarity for cases in this price range.


Some cases put in designs that make the back jagged, or even have a chamfer between the back and the side, which makes it uncomfortable to hold in the hand, but that isn’t the case here. This case feels amazing – perfectly natural like holding the bare phone in your hand, though obviously slightly larger. The point where the carbon fiber material molds to the top rubber material is also very smooth.


The case provides a moderate amount of grip, but there are other cases that provide better grip. Still, I feel that the grip here is significantly better than the bare phone, and will be adequate for most people. It’s a downside of the premium textures provided on Rhinoshield’s SolidSuit lineup, but, IMO, one that’s well worth it.

The power and volume buttons require a moderate amount of force to press, but more importantly, they also provide a very pleasant click, that not only can be felt, but can be heard! The cut-outs for the camera and charging port is well proportioned, the latter should be large enough to accommodate most third party cables, even ones larger than the stock cable. The small holes for the speakers and mic at the bottom are a nice touch and mimic the holes in the phone itself. This is a nice touch of detail that most other phone cases don’t have.


I didn’t notice any wobbling when using the phone on my desk, which, while a minor thing, can be annoying, and enough for me to choose not to use a case.

Why should I buy it?

This is a nicely understated case. It doesn’t have the panache of some other cases, heck, it doesn’t even have a logo that’s visible from the outside. Yet, it provides an 11’ drop protection in a case that’s just slightly thicker and heavier than the generic cases available. Beyond that, the attention to detail for a case is really amazing.


What are you waiting for? Head over to Rhinoshield and pick up one today!

(Note, this is for the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus isn't on the website yet)

P.S. For those that like more flair, Rhinoshield does offer a PlayProof line which can even be customized to your liking.
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